Friday, October 29, 2010

I've been busy but I have posted anything about my projects.  A quick update.

My woodworking class has been going well.  My frame is complete and is just waiting its coat of paint.  I've given it a final sanding and just have to find the gloss black that I want to complete it.  I should take a before and after picture for posting.

My last woodworking class was about using the band saw and scroll saw.  The project was to make a two piece Christmas tree out of 1/4" thick wood and when the pieces were slotted together, the tree would stand up.  One piece had a slot in the top and the other had a slot in the bottom - you know the type.  I chose to do some of the cuts on the band saw (the blade always cuts down so the wood doesn't jump around as much) and the more curvy cuts on the scroll saw.  I have a harder time with that one because the blade goes up and down so the wood wants to rise from the deck of the saw.

It didn't turn out too badly.  I haven't taken a picture yet, but I will.  More practice is definitely needed.  After that I tried a piece with interior cuts on the scroll saw.  For this, you need to drill holes in the pieces to be cut out and thread the scroll saw blade through the drill hole in order to cut out the piece.  I finally understood that I control the speed at which the wood moves (duh!) so I was able to slow things down and control my turning of the wood a bit more precisely.  I still need practice with turning 90 degrees to make a sharp corner.  I tend to wander and make a rounded corner instead.  At this point I need to be forgiving with myself because I've only been working with the scroll saw for 2 hours.  I'm happy when I can stay on the pencil line.

Those two hours have given me a great appreciation for those who do fretwork on the scroll saw.  The patience and skill required for that work -- wow!

I am really enjoying these classes and I'm sorry that we have to take a break for the next three weeks.  Our instructor will be away and we won't resume until the end of November.  Oh well, it's not like I don't have other projects on the go to keep me busy.

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