Sunday, March 25, 2012

This time our challenge was the Guest book.  Once again we were working with a single sheet of paper.  The initial folds were straight forward and following the directions for the cuts was easy enough.  It got a bit complicated after that point.  Once the cuts were made refolding the single sheet required a bit of dexterity and another picture in the book would have been nice.  We were lucky here that our workshop leaders Janice and Pam took pictures along the way and posted them in our gallery.  That gave use and extra reference point.

Anyway, here is the finished product.  I punched two small holes in the accordion spine and used a ribbon to keep the accordion together.  I used some of my definition stamps as content for this book. 

As always, content is the hardest part of the book creation.  I usually find that content drives the style of the book and in this workshop we are working with the style first and the content second.  We are being exposed to a wide variety of styles and without this challenge I don't think that I would be systematically working my way through all that this book has to offer.

Thank you, Janice and Pam.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The House Book was a two part structure.  The original structure, the "house" portion, was made from a rectangle of card stock.  I used green card stock choosing to go with a play on words to create my "greenhouse".  I used some wrought iron stamps on the exterior of my "greenhouse" to try and give it a glass and iron effect. 

The second part of the book structure was the signature that was added to each of the "door" openings in the house.  In keeping with my greenhouse motif I used handmade paper with plant inclusions.  We used the previously practised Shorts book as the signature.  I used botanical stamps to decorate these pages.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Once again with the Artists of the Round Table, our challenge from Alisa Golden's Book "Making Handmade Books:100+ Bindings, Structures and Forms" involved creating a book from a single sheet of paper.  This time the books was called a T Cut book.  This was because the several of the folds were cut in a T shape and then the paper was folded into book form.

I wasn't terribly creative with my decoration on this one.  The number of pages brought to mind a counting book so I brought out my stamps and used a number set and a small image set from a calendar stamp set that I have to create this mini counting book.  My great niece was pleased with the result.

The second book was called a Room book because the resulting book looks like a room when it is open. 

I used some Laurel Burch stamps and coloured them in with markers.  The book collapses in at the sides to fold flat.

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