Friday, October 29, 2010

I've been busy but I have posted anything about my projects.  A quick update.

My woodworking class has been going well.  My frame is complete and is just waiting its coat of paint.  I've given it a final sanding and just have to find the gloss black that I want to complete it.  I should take a before and after picture for posting.

My last woodworking class was about using the band saw and scroll saw.  The project was to make a two piece Christmas tree out of 1/4" thick wood and when the pieces were slotted together, the tree would stand up.  One piece had a slot in the top and the other had a slot in the bottom - you know the type.  I chose to do some of the cuts on the band saw (the blade always cuts down so the wood doesn't jump around as much) and the more curvy cuts on the scroll saw.  I have a harder time with that one because the blade goes up and down so the wood wants to rise from the deck of the saw.

It didn't turn out too badly.  I haven't taken a picture yet, but I will.  More practice is definitely needed.  After that I tried a piece with interior cuts on the scroll saw.  For this, you need to drill holes in the pieces to be cut out and thread the scroll saw blade through the drill hole in order to cut out the piece.  I finally understood that I control the speed at which the wood moves (duh!) so I was able to slow things down and control my turning of the wood a bit more precisely.  I still need practice with turning 90 degrees to make a sharp corner.  I tend to wander and make a rounded corner instead.  At this point I need to be forgiving with myself because I've only been working with the scroll saw for 2 hours.  I'm happy when I can stay on the pencil line.

Those two hours have given me a great appreciation for those who do fretwork on the scroll saw.  The patience and skill required for that work -- wow!

I am really enjoying these classes and I'm sorry that we have to take a break for the next three weeks.  Our instructor will be away and we won't resume until the end of November.  Oh well, it's not like I don't have other projects on the go to keep me busy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

This bookbinding video came my way and I wanted to share.

Bookbinding Old School

At this point I don't know any other way of showing it, so I'll just post the You tube link.

Life has been busy but I'd be hard pressed to tell you exactly what I've been doing.  I have been to my next woodworking class though.  I have an update to post.  Here are pictures of two sets of wooden books covers that I am working on.

This is an oval cover with it's first coat of stain.  I used the drill press to place holes 1/4" from the routered edge.  I'm going to use a Coptic binding for this book. I have to sand between coats of stain and then use varathane on the cover to seal it.  I'm thinking of embedding a small metal medallion in the front cover -- just a thought at the moment.  If I do that -- it will be done before the varathane.

This square cover has a translucent stain on it and as you can probably tell from the position of the holes, I'm going to use a raven's claw binding on this one so I'll be sewing over cords that will be going into the holes.  I think I will use leather thongs.  You can see the small, yellow, plastic painter's pyramids that the board is resting on.  These keep the board up off the surface of the table so that I can paint the sides of the piece.  They are very handy.  I got them from Lee Valley .

My picture frame is complete and clamped and the glue is setting as I write.  I should be able to post a picture after next week's class when I pick it up.  I wanted it to be quite angular not soft since it is going to frame and abstract  mixed media piece.  I haven't decided whether it should be a gloss or matte black but I think it should be dark to set off the artwork.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I've finally started my woodworking class.  It's something that I've been trying to do for years but every time I've signed up for one it's been cancelled for lack of interest.  This time I found a class that only required a minimum of two people to run.  Luckily, I was the second person to sign up so the class was a go.

It's being held in a proper woodworking shop with floor tools and hand tools available.  There are table saws, drill presses, band saws, scroll saws, a compound mitre saw, router, planer, joiner, lathe and belt sander. 

The first week was spent getting to know the tools and what they did and learning general safety procedures of the workshop.  I was the only student the first week so I had a chance to try out the table saw.  To adjust the blade to different heights and to adjust the fence to different distances so that I could cut the correct width of wood that I needed and cut out a notch in a piece of wood to the correct depth that I wanted.  I learned how to calibrate the saw to ensure accuracy of my measurements.  My instructor, Clarence Jay, is a very patient and knowledgeable man.

Just making that simple 1/4" notch made me realize how easy it would be to make the paper storage unit I'd been wanting for so long.  With every new thing thing that I learn I see applications right away.  I am so happy with this course.

Our first project is making a picture frame.  What a perfect project for someone who likes art!!!  It wasn't my idea, it was Clarence's.  He wondered if I would have any use for it...  We aren't using expensive premoulded framing wood -- we are using a pine plank and cutting it down to the size we want and shaping it how we want.  We will be getting several frames from one plank.  Just think of the savings and the possibilities??

Next week I will be look at several different router profiles before making my decision about my frame.  I'm just loving this!!   I don't sound too excited, do I?

More to come...

P.S.  while I had some extra time, I was able to use the drill press to drill some holes into some wooden panels that I plan to use as book covers for some Coptic bindings I'm planning.  I'll post some pictures when they are completed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I enjoy collecting Quotes -- I always have done.  I have a journal that is dedicated to that purpose and when I come across a stamp that has a quote that I like it gets added to my collection.  My stamps seem to consist of nature stamps and quotations.  I think that's why I like Quietfire Designs so much.  Suzanne Cannon is a talented calligrapher and she uses that talent to good effect with quotations.  That's were I got most of the stamps that I used on the next booklet I made.  It's made from three folded 12" x12" sheets of card stock. Each overlapping by one 6" x 6" square.

The copper tag is debossed with the word "Natural" and the stamp "creative journey" is from Quietfire Design.  The background of the cover is wallpaper border.

You can see how the book opens up.  I used a green/grey card stock with a mix of pictures, stamps and quotations.

The brighter green is a handmade mulberry paper that was cut into triangular shapes that wouldn't interfere with the fold lines.  The small leaves were from punches.

To complement the quotations I found pictures from magazines.

In the bottom corner I included a small booklet.

The ribbon is used to tie the folded book closed.  This type of folded book can be used for a variety of purposes.  It can make a handy mini album with plenty of space for journalling.
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