Friday, October 15, 2010

This bookbinding video came my way and I wanted to share.

Bookbinding Old School

At this point I don't know any other way of showing it, so I'll just post the You tube link.

Life has been busy but I'd be hard pressed to tell you exactly what I've been doing.  I have been to my next woodworking class though.  I have an update to post.  Here are pictures of two sets of wooden books covers that I am working on.

This is an oval cover with it's first coat of stain.  I used the drill press to place holes 1/4" from the routered edge.  I'm going to use a Coptic binding for this book. I have to sand between coats of stain and then use varathane on the cover to seal it.  I'm thinking of embedding a small metal medallion in the front cover -- just a thought at the moment.  If I do that -- it will be done before the varathane.

This square cover has a translucent stain on it and as you can probably tell from the position of the holes, I'm going to use a raven's claw binding on this one so I'll be sewing over cords that will be going into the holes.  I think I will use leather thongs.  You can see the small, yellow, plastic painter's pyramids that the board is resting on.  These keep the board up off the surface of the table so that I can paint the sides of the piece.  They are very handy.  I got them from Lee Valley .

My picture frame is complete and clamped and the glue is setting as I write.  I should be able to post a picture after next week's class when I pick it up.  I wanted it to be quite angular not soft since it is going to frame and abstract  mixed media piece.  I haven't decided whether it should be a gloss or matte black but I think it should be dark to set off the artwork.

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