Friday, October 8, 2010

I've finally started my woodworking class.  It's something that I've been trying to do for years but every time I've signed up for one it's been cancelled for lack of interest.  This time I found a class that only required a minimum of two people to run.  Luckily, I was the second person to sign up so the class was a go.

It's being held in a proper woodworking shop with floor tools and hand tools available.  There are table saws, drill presses, band saws, scroll saws, a compound mitre saw, router, planer, joiner, lathe and belt sander. 

The first week was spent getting to know the tools and what they did and learning general safety procedures of the workshop.  I was the only student the first week so I had a chance to try out the table saw.  To adjust the blade to different heights and to adjust the fence to different distances so that I could cut the correct width of wood that I needed and cut out a notch in a piece of wood to the correct depth that I wanted.  I learned how to calibrate the saw to ensure accuracy of my measurements.  My instructor, Clarence Jay, is a very patient and knowledgeable man.

Just making that simple 1/4" notch made me realize how easy it would be to make the paper storage unit I'd been wanting for so long.  With every new thing thing that I learn I see applications right away.  I am so happy with this course.

Our first project is making a picture frame.  What a perfect project for someone who likes art!!!  It wasn't my idea, it was Clarence's.  He wondered if I would have any use for it...  We aren't using expensive premoulded framing wood -- we are using a pine plank and cutting it down to the size we want and shaping it how we want.  We will be getting several frames from one plank.  Just think of the savings and the possibilities??

Next week I will be look at several different router profiles before making my decision about my frame.  I'm just loving this!!   I don't sound too excited, do I?

More to come...

P.S.  while I had some extra time, I was able to use the drill press to drill some holes into some wooden panels that I plan to use as book covers for some Coptic bindings I'm planning.  I'll post some pictures when they are completed.

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