Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I came across the Pledge to Use It Up in 2012 when I was checking my yahoo groups and browsing the blogs of various members.  One member was trying to complete a challenge and substituting what she had on hand because she was involved with this pledge.  She also posted pictures of her workspaces.  Yes, several of them, because they had managed to sprout in various corners of her house as one became too full to work in.

There can come a time when you have too much in your stash and you forget exactly what you do have or you don't take the time to go through every basket or box because you want it now and you don't know exactly where the item is.

I went through a workshop overhall before Christmas and my items are now all grouped together and my memory is still somewhat refreshed but I am at risk of letting it get back to its former size and mess.  What I need to do is
Use It Up
use my supplies, not hoard them or save them for something special that never seems to come along.  Take the time to look through my supplies before I start a project or challenge to see what I have on hand rather than fly by the seat of my pants and try to find the right piece at the last minute.

I'm involved in several challenges this year for bookbinding and I have the basic paper that I need.  I am going to apply this Use It Up in2012 challenge to the creation of those books.  Replacing consumable products like glue or items that you've run out of and can't find an alternative for is allowed.  (Good thing,  I don't have enough glue for an entire year). 

So far, more by inertia, than intent, my challenges have been completed using materials on hand. 

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