Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Once again we ran out of time just when we got to the stitching part.  I hope the stitching instructions that we sent home with you are clear enough.  Please email if you have questions.

Here is a link to a 5 minute video showing the stitching for a 4 hole stab binding.  I know our books have 3 holes but the visual demonstration of the stitching may help you understand the stitching directions more clearly.  I know that I like to see a demonstration.

Stitching demo

For Class 3 you want to bring your decorated cover to the class.  In your kit, you have the long piece of flexi-firm that needs to be covered.  It has been cut to the correct size for this book.  You can either wrap the edges as we did on the pamphlet and stab bound books or use a decorative stitch to overcast the edges  -- see General Rules of Thumb in the Overview.

You will be using 8 1/2 x 11" paper for the signatures.  You will need about 20-25 sheets of paper.  Remember to bring your bone folder or something similar to use on the signatures.  You will be making five signatures with 4 -5 pieces of paper in each.  If you want, you can add a piece of decorative paper to the outside of each signature.

Think about the type of closure that you want on your book.  The flap will not stay closed without one. 
  • It can be a button and loop closure -- in which case you will want to sew the loop onto your fabric before fusing it to the cover.
  • It can be a clasp closure -- you can find two part clasps at Fabricland
  • It can be a buckle and strap closure  -- you will want to make sure that you sew the strap to your fabric before fusing.
  • It can be a buttonhole closure -- this is done after the fabric is fused.
  • It can be an elastic headband from the dollar store attached with a button
If you want to add beads to your stitching on the spine, make sure the hole in the bead is large enough to accommodate the needle you will be using to sew the signatures together.

You may want to bring a weight, e.g. the bag of rice or glass beads that Jan mentioned, paperweight, something to hold your signatures still while you are sewing.

Here is a link to some samples that I made a while back.  Samples

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