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Fabric Covered Books


Class 3 Long Stitch Binding  -- fold over flap

Paper Preparation

1.      Determine the size of the paper you plan to use.  e.g. 8 ½ x 11” or 8 ½ x 5 ½ “ (standard sheet cut in half). 
2.      Determine the number of pages in the signature.
3.      Ideally, the grain should run parallel to the spine of the book.
4.      Fold the paper in half.
5.      Nest the papers inside each other and align the folds.
6.      Create the desired number of signatures.


Punching Holes in Signature

1.      Open your phone book to the middle to use as your punching cradle.
2.      Place the first signature, opened to the middle, into the fold of the phone book.
3.      Make a stitching template using a 2” strip of paper that is the same height as your pages.  Fold the strip in half lengthwise and mark the stitching holes (4 in this case) on the inside of the fold line.   The top and bottom holes should be at least ½ “ from the edge of the paper.
4.      Place the template into the centre fold of your pages in the cradle.  Align edges carefully.
5.      Use your awl or piercing tool to punch the holes indicated on the stitching template.  Hold your piercing tool perpendicular to the paper to make sure the holes go through the folds of the signature.
6.      Repeat for all signatures. Use an arrow or the letter H to mark the top or head of the signatures.  This will make sure the holes on the signatures line up when you begin to sew.

note that paper strip is folded in half lengthwise and the holes are in the fold



Cover Preparation

1.      Determine the dimensions of your cover.  Remember the rule of thumb:  Your cover should be at least ¼” wider and taller than your pages -- be sure to add in the width of the spine for your final measurement.  Add additional length for your flap.
2.      Decide how you will edge your cover.  i.e.  wrapped edges or decorative stitching on the edges.  This will determine the dimensions of your fabric.  Refer back the General Rules of Thumb in the overview section to determine the measurements of your fabric.
3.      Decorate your cover as you wish.  Keep embellishments away from the spine area.  You will need space for stitching the signatures to the spine.
4.      Determine the closure that you would like for your book.  If you are going to use a button and loop, you will need to determine the placement of the loop or tie before you finish the edges of your cover.





Punching Holes in Cover

1.      Using a 2” strip of paper, the same height as your pages, make a template to indicate where the holes should be punched on the spine.  You will need one column of holes for each signature. The columns will be about 1/8" apart from each other.
2.      Find the spine area of your cover and centre the template between the top and bottom edges of the cover.
3.      Tape or clip the template into place.
4.      Place your cover on a cutting mat or piece of card board and use the awl to punch holes in the spine fabric.




Stitching the Signatures

1.      Determine the thread length needed by measuring the height of the book once for each signature and once for the loops between signatures and tying off of the ends.
2.      Use binder clips to hold pages of signature together for sewing.
3.      Line the first signature up with the holes punched into the spine of the cover.  Make sure the head of the signature is at the top of the cover.
4.      Enter the top hole from the outside and leave about a 3” tail.
5.      From the inside of the signature, go out the second hole (this will begin the long stitch).  You can add beads at this point, but make sure they will lie snugly along the spine between the second and third holes. 
6.      Enter the third hole from the outside of the cover.
7.      Enter the last hole from the inside of the signature.
8.      Place the next signature on top of the one just sewn and prepare to use the second column of holes punched into the spine.
9.      From the exterior of the spine, enter the bottom hole in the second signature.
10.  From inside the signature, go out the next hole (this is the long stitch).  Beads can be added at each long stitch if desired.
11.  From the exterior enter the next stitch.
12.  From the interior enter the top stitch.
13.  Use the tail from the first signature to tie a square knot.  The tail can be left long and beaded or trimmed.
14.  Line up the third signature.
15.  From the exterior enter the top hole of the third signature and continue to work your way in and out, down the spine.
16.  When exiting the bottom hole of the third signature, loop your needle under the thread that attaches the first and second signatures together.
17.  Line up the fourth signature and from the exterior, enter the bottom hole.
18.  Continue the stitches up to the head of the book. 
19.  When exiting the top hole of the fourth signature, loop your needle under the thread that attaches the second and third signatures together.
20.  Line up the fifth signature and enter the top hole from the exterior of the spine.
21.  Continue the stitches to the bottom of the book. 
22.  When you exit the final hole in signature five, loop your needle around the thread that attaches the third and fourth signature together. 
23.  Re-enter the last hole of the fifth signature and tie a square knot around the inside stitch.  Trim the tails.





Here is a link to some samples that I made a while back.  Samples






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