Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I was at the Mixed Minded Conference in Kitchener on May 27,28,29 and had a fantastic time learning about resin, encaustic, art journalling and calligraphy.  So much so that I've spent almost all my time since then, reading and researching about these topics.  I've been so involved with browsing sites and blogs and looking at books that I've neglected posting any of the fascinating things that I've learned and found.

The Resins workshop I took was with Carmi Cimicata, who now writes a blog called Resin Crafts.  We used Envirotex Lite to create jewellery by pouring resin into bezels and embedding charms and other bits of ephemera.  Take a look at the ideas and tutorials that she shares on her blog.

Here are some videos I found on resin casting and resin papers.
This is called Fearless Resin

This is a video by Little Windows  - Embedding Everything
                                                 - Butterfly
Little Windows Step by Step Guides can be found here.

I am in the middle of a major workshop overhall at the moment so my work area looks a bit cyclonic and not much in the way of art related activities are taking place at the moment.  I am trying to confine my creativity to the upper reaches of the house by repainting the kitchen and livingroom.  Since this means filling in some small holes and cracks I've been looking at "Plaster Studio - Mixed Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Sculpting" by Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise.  Just so I'll know what to do with my left overs of course.

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