Monday, July 18, 2011

I decided to take the plunge again.  When I took a look at all the wonderful sketchbooks that were sent in last year I felt out of my depth and thought that I had overreached myself by entering my book.  I did enjoy myself immensely during the process though, and that is what should count.  During this past year I was part of a sketching/journalling group with the Southwestern Ontario Chapter of CBBAG that was under the direction of Connie Jefferess and I picked up a number of interesting and useful ideas that I'd like to incorporate into future sketchbooks and journals.

That, along with a couple of very generous comments from viewers of my sketchbook,  boosted my confidence enough to give it another go.  It's not like it's a competition -- it's just a method of self expression and a chance to share that with others.

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