Sunday, September 18, 2016

As a subset of our chapter of CBBAG, The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, a group of like mined souls formed the Alternate Book Group to investigate, as the name says, alternative books structures.  Alternative to the traditional book structures that we've already studied.

We each take a turn researching a structure and then sharing that knowledge with group.  The aim is to learn how to make a new structure that we can adapt to our own needs.

My book of choice was the Star Book.  I've always been interested in it's carousel like appearance and it's layered look.  It seemed to have so many applications.  Anyway, that was the one that I chose to explore and teach to the group.

Here are some of my examples:

This shows the sewn spine which is not usual with a star book.  This was my nod to traditional bookbinding and would give the book a sturdy structure so that it could be used like a codex.

This shows the interior pages.  I used lyrics from Bird on a Wire for my content.  The inner page is just the black outline part.
This shows the star shape when opened.

This is the cover of the Bee book.  It also has a sewn spine.

This shows the interiors pages.  I used quotes from The Life of Bees for the content and followed the honeycomb path for the text.

 This is one of the first pages for It's Complicated.  It uses increasingly more complicated cuts as the book progresses.

Three colours of paper help bring out the depth of the book pages.


Stopping By Trees uses the word of a Robert Frost poem as content.

The images are printed on transparencies and the book looks eerie when placed on a glass stand and illuminated from below.

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