Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thank you to all those who attended the first class of the Day group.  It was a pleasure for me to meet you.  Most of you are well acquainted with Jan, but for me, with only a year under my belt, it was my first opportunity to speak with some of you.

You all did quite well getting your covers prepared.  I'm sorry time ran short before the actual stitching could be accomplished.  If you are uncertain of the stitching, and the stitch diagrams posted for Class 1 are not enough to answer your questions, please bring your pamphlet back to Class 2 to complete.

If you are reading this, you've found the blog and the notes posted here.  I've added some annotations in bold to the information for Class 2.  Since you will be receiving the flexi-firm for the stab binding in our next session, I've adjusted the dimensions in the notes to reflect the dimensions of the piece that you will be given.  The wrap around dimensions that we will be using are a little different from the ones given for the pamphlet book we did today.

The stab binding has a hinge and for additional stability, we want to wrap around to the inside of the cover and over the hinge gap and onto the main part of the cover.  It is the main part of the cover that will have the approximately 3/4" turned border.  Do your precise cutting at class.  Use the given measurements as the minimum fabric needed.

The pages for your book will be single sheets  -- no folding needed.

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