Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've been working on a new acrylic mixed media project.  This time it's been a picture of silver birch in the moonlight.

This is a 9"x12" canvas.

The trees are in relief.  They are are made from rolled strips of paper towel that have been twisted and glued with a watered glue mixture onto a gessoed canvas. The thinner branches were made with thin cord.  The entire canvas was then painted black and then with varying shades of blue/gray.  The trees were then sponged white and the recesses shaded with brown.  The moon was dry brushed with a luminous dove gray.

This is my first attempt at trees.  I have a ways to go if I'm aiming at realism but for an impressionistic view I think I got the idea across at least.  I enjoyed trying, at any rate.

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